Friday, January 7, 2011

3 wishes

I often lay in bed and think of what I would wish for if genies actually existed and I were granted 3 wishes.  It seems like a simple thing, right?  3 wishes should be easily rattled off, but for me, it's not.  After all, genies are quite tricky, so when wishing for things of my magnitude, you have to be specific.

Wish 1:  That all my loved ones could have their ideal bodies.  Follow me with this one.  I don't mean they can change into Halle Berry or Channing Tatum, they would still have to be themselves but can rid their bodies of any ailments or what not.  There would be limits, no porn boobs or muscles the size of watermelons, you would still have to look normal by my standards, since it's my wish after all.  Things you could change are: no diseases, no cavities, no blemishes, no hair where you don't want it, no stretch marks, no fat cells, no scars, seriously, isn't this an awesome wish?  And not only do I wish it for myself but for my friends and family too... friends in high places, right?  Glad you are my friend now?

But I wouldn't let the wish stop there.  In having the ideal body, this would include the mind too.  I would personally wish to be fluent in not only English but Spanish and American Sign Language and, just for fun, German and Chinese :)  I would also throw in the ability to be a concert pianist and concert violinist, dance well in all areas, play basketball better than Michael Jordan, Halo better than Neighbor, etc.  I would also want to be smart.  I would be smart enough to have a doctorate in veterinary science.  Smart enough to keep up with my children so always able to help them with school work.  Smart enough to never get swindled or scammed.  Smart enough to know how to invest and retain money, things like that. 

You would still have to age.  There is no looking young forever, so that would be a limit to your alterations.  But you would get to "age gracefully" because hello, you have the healthiest body ever.

I think this wish is dedicated to my husband.  He has suffered from sever rheumatoid arthritis since he was a teen, officially diagnosed at 16 and so having someone in your life who lives with a chronic pain disease, makes you think twice about the human body and reminds one to be grateful for when it works right.

What would you wish for?  I will get to wishes 2 and 3 in the next weeks.  But yes, you feeling my wish or got a good one up your sleeve?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I had OCD as a kid.  I didn't even know it until my junior year in high school when I took a psych 1010 class through the local college and we learned about different types of OCD.  I had the one where I counted things.  Mostly shapes and colors, but I counted things.  And it was uncontrollable for a long time.  I could be reading a book and start counting the sides and corners of the book.  You say 4 and 4?  No, there are the levels so actually it is 12 and 12 and then 2 faces and that is of a solid object, if it were hollow I counted the ones on the inside too.  I could be watching tv, and start counting the colors in the scene.  Sometimes when looking at a picture, I would count the colors, but could only count the ones the merged into another without hitting a color that I had already counted.... yeah apparently I was messed up and no one knew ( well no one knew about that degree of being messed up ;) )

I was very good at math growing up, so I wonder if it had to do with the fact that I was counting all the time, so maybe I had a thing for numbers?  I don't remember thinking something was wrong with counting, but I would get frustrated with it.  I would consciously try to not count things and sometimes it worked, but most of the time it didn't.  I don't know at what age I grew out of it.  Maybe life got to be so busy and took my mind to other things that I just stopped?  I really don't know, but sometimes still, I find myself relapsing and have to make myself stop.

Anyone else been through this?  Or any other kind of disorder you didn't know you had until later?  Do you remember when it stopped?  Or how you got it to stop?  I wonder how many suffer silently, some not even knowing they are suffering...